Dead Man Seated - coverIt is the year 2018, and Dead Man Seated is poised to charm all visitors to the Washington, D.C. Naval Yard. With audacious aplomb, the dynamic Adm. Downey Armstrong is called to arms by Madam President to solve a collection of questionable undercover tasks occurring at the Yard. Downey’s solution is to dump on his go-to buddy, Capt. Mark Christian and his newly married grand-nephew, Jack Armstrong.

While Jack’s newest undercover team untangles skulduggery at the nation’s highest level, the fine print describes Jack and Annie’s camaraderie along with their foray into embezzling and murder laced intricately together with an overkill amount of romance. Mystery lovers who enjoyed Jack and Annie’s dramatic climax in Ten Days To Die For may think they know the ‘who or what’ in Dead Man Seated, but remember reader, Yogi Bera said it best: “It ain’t over til’ it’s over.”

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From the Prologue

Never slowing their run for dear life, the two figures reached the end of the emergency-lit hall, and without aforethought, they turned left instead of right. In a flash, the interlopers were crashing through the exit door. While mind over matter powered their escape, the two darkly clad persons fled headlong into the night; unsure whether they ran from the mind-numbing, whooping noise or toward the waiting arms of safety.

The seasoned CIA agent realized the next moves had better be to avoid capture. Despite their shrieking noise predicament, burglarizing the Washington, D.C. Naval Yard was about to reign military terror on the two transgressors that spread far and wide, and politically speaking, upward.

From the Book

The CIA ‘Suit,’ flanked by a Major’s and Lieutenant’s shiny brass uniformed auras, appeared to be the official triumvirate ordered to ‘mess with their prey.’ What the triumvirate wondered was whether Adm. Lynn Kamon bought into their impressive stature; let alone her awareness they were indirect envoys of Admiral Armstrong.

Greeted at the door wearing her full suit of military regalia, it appeared Lynn Kamon also had a few preset notions. Arnold wondered if admirals carried a sword because the sight before him sure reeked of a beheading awaiting the thumbs down verdict.

To the contrary, the masculine alliance standing before her was formidable and gave the wee woman a bit of pause. One could say with all the outward pomp and circumstance flouted about; the result was a draw. They overwhelmed each other.