Thank you for your visit. I appreciate this opportunity to describe some of the influential factors of my twentieth-century life. For you young readers, my past life already seems like the olden days, and that belief is okay, too. I remember feeling the same exact emotion when I was, perhaps, eleven or twelve years old.

As World War II descended upon America, my worldly knowledge escalated from the seep factor to daily overload. Suddenly, school, radio, and cinema loomed as the twenty-four hour a day mediums providing heretofore unknown information. I was hooked.

Surrounded by real global intrigue and modern fiction, my daily life was populated with new heroes and old style values. The premise: good always triumphed over evil, and the righteous lived happily ever after were mantras to absorb.

My eighty-six years of reading and writing kept me company while I married and struggled for female equality in the workplace. When I reached the status of great-grandmother, I discovered my century of progress and enlightenment was fading rapidly into those unpopular days of yore. I needed to step up, put my hard-earned experience into play, and inform my grandies: once upon a time another exciting world existed and thrived. Your ancestors contributed to that creativity.

If I don’t remind them of their heritage, who will?

That realization prompted my first published book, 2016, According to Aileen: America’s Ten Decades That Changed The World. It is a memoir of disadvantaged immigrants dedicated to ethnic, racial, and female equality who collectively influenced the progress of America’s greatest one hundred years.

My second writing endeavor is a current theme highlighting the year, 2017. Ten Days To Die For captures sufficient romance and intrigue to satisfy the mystery-reading devotees among us. I hope you enjoy pleasant reading moments filled with characters that embody the good, the bad, and the evil in today’s new world of uncertain living.

It is now the year 2018, and my third book is ready to delight you with Jack and Annie Armstrong’s search for Madam President’s foes. Dead Man Seated is a political thriller poised to charm all unsuspecting visitors to the historical D.C. Naval Yard while Jack’s undercover team untangles skulduggery at the Oval Office level. The fine print describes their fun and camaraderie as they second guess conspiracy, embezzling, murder, and an overkill amount of romance. Remember reader, Yogi Bera said it best: “It ain’t over til it’s over.”

Reviews of books by Aileen Monaldi

They’re back!

The same crew of characters that kept us entertained on the high seas in Ten Days To Die For are sleuthing it up in DC's Naval Yard. If you're looking for a fast-paced, fast read, this is it! And, if you enjoyed Jack and Annie's escapades in the last book, this one is even better! Grab the book, settle in for a great escape, and enjoy the ride! Of course, I give this book 5 stars.

BanD Dead Man Seated April 13, 2019

An intriguing bed time novel!

The chapters were just the right length to read a few and still be able to pick it up the following night. A mystery giving the right number of clues to keep you wondering if you have solved it and then keeps you reading to see if you are the detective you think you are.

N. Henderson (a Scottish fan) Dead Man Seated April 11, 2019

Another home run

Loved reading Dead Man Seated. Really enjoyed learning more about Annie, Jack, and the rest of the posse! Please keep us informed about all of them in the future!

Deb Dead Man Seated March 18, 2019

Bravo! Keep writing stories!

Wow! Mrs. Monaldi has done it again. Loved the story in a story! She's such a talented writer. I hope there will be more stories from this wonderful lady.

L. Christianson Dead Man Seated March 16, 2019

Loved this book!

This was a joy to read. Loved the story and the story within. Hopefully there will be more stories to come!

Janette Tidwell Dead Man Seated January 27, 2019

A real page turner

A real page turner. Great for history buffs. The author gives summaries of the main historical and cultural events of the times. She leads us through the stories of 1st generation immigrants in New York City. I found it immensely helpful while doing my genealogical. Her words brought life to the people in her book. B. Christian

Brigette M. Goulet According to Aileen - Kindle edition February 15, 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed the book

I thoroughly enjoyed the book it brought back a lot of memories and some things i had forgotten it perfectly intertwined Aileen's personal story with history a perfect legacy for your family

Perry According to Aileen - Kindle edition February 15, 2018

Brilliant first novel

Memories came flooding back of my own cruise experiences and the people I met but no-one as intriguing as the characters in this novel. It is a wonderful blend of thriller and love story.  When is the next novel released?


Norma  (a Scottish fan of this talented author) Ten Days To Die For - Kindle Edition January 17, 2018

A Home Run

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ten Days To Die For. Ms Monaldi's worldly experiences add just enough authenticity to this murder mystery/love story. I look forward to spending more time with Annie and Jack in whatever they get involved with in the future.

Deb Ten Days To Die For - Kindle Edition December 19, 2017

A very good read

I purchased 'Ten Days To Die For' because I really liked Ms Monaldi's first book, 'According To Aileen'. The title led me to believe I was buying a murder mystery but didn't expect the bonus of a romance as well. I really like the way she writes, keeps it simple, no over explanations, precise and to the point. I usually get lost during the story line set up and the introduction of the characters, but I was able to stay with who's who. My attention span is pretty short so I appreciated the short chapters. I really liked the book and will give it a five-star blessing.

Don Ten Days To Die For November 30, 2017

What a fun romp on the high seas!

Ms Monaldi's writing style pulls you in and makes you forget where you are. Her ports-of-call entice you to visit and discover more of their history and her characters remind us what it was like to be so daring and open to life's opportunities!

Hopefully Ms Monaldi will continue pursuing her latest occupation as author and regale us with many more stories and adventures.

BGH Ten Days To Die For November 22, 2017

I loved this book!

It's such a joy to read a good book that has a great story to tell and does it without a lot of unnecessary gratuitous sex or violence! This had the right amount of both! Loved the characters and hope this is not the last of Jack and Annie!

Janette Tidwell Ten Days To Die For - Kindle Edition November 11, 2017

My good fortune

My good fortune: your very clever book arrived, I read it, and will reread it. I enjoyed the style: a love story and mystery wrapped in intrigue. Great Story!

Hal Holly Ten Days To Die For - Hard cover print edition October 20, 2017

I read it through most of the night

I downloaded "According To Aileen" last night. I read it through most of the night and well in to the afternoon. I must say I was reluctant to put it down and read it through to the end. Aileen's journey that encompassed decades made me sad, happy, and even envious but never bored. I loved the way historical information relevant to each decade was included. Although the book was written to share Aileen's heritage with those "grandies" and close friends, I was honored by her invitation to read the book. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Marilyn Dominguez According To Aileen - Kindle edition October 16, 2017

You did it again!

Fun, creative read, filled with interesting travel facts, intrigue, romance and lots of love for the most important people in her life. You did it again, Aileen Monaldi!

L. Christianson Ten Days To Die For - Kindle Edition September 29, 2017

A delightful read

A delightful read. It was like joining the cruise and the intrigue. Many interesting personalities along with great descriptions into the sights around the Aegean Sea. An interesting insight into the thoughts of the author.

Douglas H. Holly Ten Days To Die For - Kindle Edition September 29, 2017

What a surprise & a delight to read…

What a surprise & a delight to read some stories about my great grandparents Pietro & Gilda Fardellone! My grandfather Tony is their son & my father Anthony is their grandson. The one correction I would like to make is about my grandmother Caroline. Take it from first hand experience, she spent hours & hours cooking delicious food (Italian & Polish) for her husband, their five children & then their 10 grandchildren. You described the apartment at 165 Avenue B very well. Any more stories?

Thomas According To Aileen - Kindle edition August 10, 2017

My “Italian Mother” can Write! (a review by her “Irish Son”)

My "Italian Mother" has written a wonderful account of generational changes that educates and reminds us of how those who came before us established themselves in a city that could swallow them up in "a New York minute". It was a time when ice deliveries for refrigeration were made, people cheered Lindbergh and then huddled by their radios to listen to FDR's fireside chats and news of the war efforts. Success was moving out to Long Island, home ownership, 2 cars in the driveway and raising a family. Aileen weaves her life and the lives of her family and friends through the history of this time and place with patience, clarity and poignant memories. My only "disappointment" was a failure to mention Nunley's HappyLand and Jolly Roger, the iconic Bethpage amusement park and restaurant where I worked with Chris and Lisa in our formative years. A local landmark, it was a tradition that most LI families entered. This is such a nice read, you'll absolutely enjoy it and feel like you're sitting at the dinner table with Aileen as she passes the lasagna! I'm proud to review this wonderful and creative literary effort by a woman who always makes me feel important.

Clover According To Aileen - Kindle edition December 29, 2016

Take a journey w/Aileen thru the 20th century…

Take a journey w/Aileen thru the 20th century as she chronicles her immigrant heritage, styles, politics with facts thru each decade; the events that shaped her from a young girl to the present; living "her" American dream. Aileen has a way with words. A page turner!

V.B. According To Aileen - Kindle edition November 8, 2016

Five Stars

This book was a great read. Enjoyed every page!

Janette Tidwell According To Aileen - Kindle edition September 28, 2016

Great Book!

I am having such a good time reading this book. Ms. Monaldi has done a phenomenal job walking the reader through her personal life's journey as well as America's progression throughout the decades. With her wit, she keeps you interested in the history, and for a lot of us, bringing back a flood of memories that were misplaced in our over crowded minds!

Deb According To Aileen - Kindle edition August 2, 2016

An insightful journey through an amazing woman’s life.

What a wonderful gift to one's family, to be able to read and understand the moments and events that shaped a life. The many examples of rising to the challenges life presented and the deep love of family are inspiring and touching.

Douglas H. Holly According To Aileen - Kindle edition July 31, 2016