You ask, “What is your book about?”

Well, my family and friends, it is about you and me. It is a memoir about how we came to be Americans, how we came to be related, and how we came to love our American dream life.

Since I toddled, scurried, and practically ran through the entire twentieth-century, I feel I own it, and now you, my future reader, should inherit this legacy of feelings, thoughts, and experiences.

Two global wars could not prevent our achievements in science, industrialization, or technology; a legacy no ancestor could possibly envision. All centuries combined never amassed the progress our early immigrants or we modern day Americans accomplished within these one hundred years.

I have attempted to summarize and highlight the interesting parts and pieces with the hope you, my reader, will spread the word forward.

Ultimately, this is a story for everyone’s family. It is a story of immigrants without money or education who not only turned poverty into middle-class life, but created the most amazing American century the world has known.

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Excerpts from According To Aileen

Thanks to the success of the first 1901 radio transmission, whatever was happening in America was spreading daily across the world, and that world was taking serious note. Great waves of European immigrants were on the move, and they had New York’s Statue of Liberty in their sights.

This new century of inspiration included the Nineteenth Amendment (a woman’s right to vote) … sexual freedom … (L)ife-altering demands of equality for all genders and all races …

When American questioning occurred, it was messy and forever unflagging in its pursuit of equality. “All Men Are Created Equal”: a statement not original to the twentieth-century mindset, but loudly touted throughout all the American decades ….

… we were a nation bubbling over with war bond rallies, victory gardens, war relief, food, and gas rationing. From the onset of the war, not only was the nation immersed in daily combat news, but flag-waving was the national patriotic stance.

… post-war … small-town America was on the move. The American pot was bubbling … As a nation, we were back to a “chicken in every pot,” a car in every garage, one bathroom in every home, three bedrooms for sure, two children with a stay-at-home mommy, and at least one telephone, one pet, and one pair of nylon stockings.

In 1948, … the true magic of television invaded our eyes, our minds, and our every spare moment … the manufacture and the sales boom exploded in 1949. One might try to equate this phenomenon with the advent of the computer, but no, … and I was there.

On May 17, 1954, …the Supreme Court…ruled “that segregation was inherently unequal … The Civil Rights Movement became a force in America never to be stopped …

… nothing in our century … overshadowed those live, televised moments of Neil Armstrong stepping onto the moon.

I grew to believe in my own equality. This belief is my only sense of entitlement.

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What a wonderful gift to one's family, to be able to read and understand the moments and events that shaped a life. The many examples of rising to the challenges life presented and the deep love of family are inspiring and touching.

Douglas H. Holly According To Aileen - Kindle edition July 31, 2016

I am having such a good time reading this book. Ms. Monaldi has done a phenomenal job walking the reader through her personal life's journey as well as America's progression throughout the decades. With her wit, she keeps you interested in the history, and for a lot of us, bringing back a flood of memories that were misplaced in our over crowded minds!

Deb According To Aileen - Kindle edition August 2, 2016

This book was a great read. Enjoyed every page!

Janette Tidwell According To Aileen - Kindle edition September 28, 2016

Take a journey w/Aileen thru the 20th century as she chronicles her immigrant heritage, styles, politics with facts thru each decade; the events that shaped her from a young girl to the present; living "her" American dream. Aileen has a way with words. A page turner!

V.B. According To Aileen - Kindle edition November 8, 2016

My "Italian Mother" has written a wonderful account of generational changes that educates and reminds us of how those who came before us established themselves in a city that could swallow them up in "a New York minute". It was a time when ice deliveries for refrigeration were made, people cheered Lindbergh and then huddled by their radios to listen to FDR's fireside chats and news of the war efforts. Success was moving out to Long Island, home ownership, 2 cars in the driveway and raising a family. Aileen weaves her life and the lives of her family and friends through the history of this time and place with patience, clarity and poignant memories. My only "disappointment" was a failure to mention Nunley's HappyLand and Jolly Roger, the iconic Bethpage amusement park and restaurant where I worked with Chris and Lisa in our formative years. A local landmark, it was a tradition that most LI families entered. This is such a nice read, you'll absolutely enjoy it and feel like you're sitting at the dinner table with Aileen as she passes the lasagna! I'm proud to review this wonderful and creative literary effort by a woman who always makes me feel important.

Clover According To Aileen - Kindle edition December 29, 2016

What a surprise & a delight to read some stories about my great grandparents Pietro & Gilda Fardellone! My grandfather Tony is their son & my father Anthony is their grandson. The one correction I would like to make is about my grandmother Caroline. Take it from first hand experience, she spent hours & hours cooking delicious food (Italian & Polish) for her husband, their five children & then their 10 grandchildren. You described the apartment at 165 Avenue B very well. Any more stories?

Thomas According To Aileen - Kindle edition August 10, 2017

I downloaded "According To Aileen" last night. I read it through most of the night and well in to the afternoon. I must say I was reluctant to put it down and read it through to the end. Aileen's journey that encompassed decades made me sad, happy, and even envious but never bored. I loved the way historical information relevant to each decade was included. Although the book was written to share Aileen's heritage with those "grandies" and close friends, I was honored by her invitation to read the book. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Marilyn Dominguez According To Aileen - Kindle edition October 16, 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the book it brought back a lot of memories and some things i had forgotten it perfectly intertwined Aileen's personal story with history a perfect legacy for your family

Perry According to Aileen - Kindle edition February 15, 2018

A real page turner. Great for history buffs. The author gives summaries of the main historical and cultural events of the times. She leads us through the stories of 1st generation immigrants in New York City. I found it immensely helpful while doing my genealogical. Her words brought life to the people in her book. B. Christian

Brigette M. Goulet According to Aileen - Kindle edition February 15, 2018