It’s the year 2017, and the Grand Riviera, a colossal Mediterranean cruise ship, unknowingly pairs the good, with the bad, and the ugly. Touring the ancient isles of the beautiful sea becomes the least significant event when all three personality types meet to disrupt the world of carefree days and fun-filled nights.

Marine reservist, Lt. Jack Armstrong, sent aboard ship on a confidential mission by an elite member of the Washington, D.C. Naval Command, is tasked with ferreting out the bad. Along the way, Jack falls madly in love with the good, meets crewmates with engaging, at times, humorous personalities—all while he searches for the bad and the ugly on his own—maybe.

Clueless to the underlying causes of his shipboard placement, Jack, the Naval Academy graduate, and the former Marine Corps pilot obeys the mission forced upon him yet assumes his fast-paced, undercover task with charm, initiative, and increasing humor.

Jack and his new band of merry, but stumbling partners overcome kidnapping, mayhem, and murder while the FBI and Homeland Security remain baffled to the upsetting finale.

Stay Tuned for a dramatic climax that laces love, murder, and laughter into a freshly told fairy tale.

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Brilliant first novel

Memories came flooding back of my own cruise experiences and the people I met but no-one as intriguing as the characters in this novel. It is a wonderful blend of thriller and love story.  When is the next novel released?


Norma  (a Scottish fan of this talented author) Ten Days To Die For - Kindle Edition January 17, 2018

A Home Run

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ten Days To Die For. Ms Monaldi's worldly experiences add just enough authenticity to this murder mystery/love story. I look forward to spending more time with Annie and Jack in whatever they get involved with in the future.

Deb Ten Days To Die For - Kindle Edition December 19, 2017

A very good read

I purchased 'Ten Days To Die For' because I really liked Ms Monaldi's first book, 'According To Aileen'. The title led me to believe I was buying a murder mystery but didn't expect the bonus of a romance as well. I really like the way she writes, keeps it simple, no over explanations, precise and to the point. I usually get lost during the story line set up and the introduction of the characters, but I was able to stay with who's who. My attention span is pretty short so I appreciated the short chapters. I really liked the book and will give it a five-star blessing.

Don Ten Days To Die For November 30, 2017

I loved this book!

It's such a joy to read a good book that has a great story to tell and does it without a lot of unnecessary gratuitous sex or violence! This had the right amount of both! Loved the characters and hope this is not the last of Jack and Annie!

Janette Tidwell Ten Days To Die For - Kindle Edition November 11, 2017

My good fortune

My good fortune: your very clever book arrived, I read it, and will reread it. I enjoyed the style: a love story and mystery wrapped in intrigue. Great Story!

Hal Holly Ten Days To Die For - Hard cover print edition October 20, 2017

You did it again!

Fun, creative read, filled with interesting travel facts, intrigue, romance and lots of love for the most important people in her life. You did it again, Aileen Monaldi!

L. Christianson Ten Days To Die For - Kindle Edition September 29, 2017

A delightful read

A delightful read. It was like joining the cruise and the intrigue. Many interesting personalities along with great descriptions into the sights around the Aegean Sea. An interesting insight into the thoughts of the author.

Douglas H. Holly Ten Days To Die For - Kindle Edition September 29, 2017